Hyjinx Catering

Hyjinx Catering

Hyjinx Catering was founded in 2018 after years of cooking, catering, and creating delicious homemade food. At Hyjinx Catering we want to provide an amazing food experience be it from creating delicious classics or recipes with a twist. Hyjinx comes from the free spirit method. The mischievous and playful aspects that I love to channel within my cooking.

My vision for Hyjinx Catering and Meal Preparation is to share the many ideas that I have within my mind to be enjoyed by so many! I want to give individuals and families an experience they will cherish forever. Food has so many meanings to so many people, however to me its the ability to make others happy. I love all things food. I respect and value the culinary world and I want my family, friends, and clients to feel the love and time that I have put into each and every dish.


Renae Mata

Private Chef


I've obtained a certification in dental assisting along with my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and my Masters Degree in Administrative Justice and Security. Needless to say I was a bit uncertain about which direction I wanted my adult life to go.

All types of foods intrigue me! I am open and willing to try anything once. My love of cooking has no boundaries. I know that sounds more like a romance novel but I try to expand my cooking and palate . I like to combine different techniques, regions, and cuisines to fuse them together into new taste combinations. I hate following a recipe! I go outside the box while still honoring the original inspiration. 

My love of food and the wide range of culinary experiences that have brought me to this point in my life have all been self taught. I am always pushing to learn, improve, and grow my food knowledge and culinary skills. I am confident in my skill set, in my knowledge, and in my drive to make delicious meals. Cooking for others brings me pure happiness and takes me to a place of peace.



Family History

From a rather young age when your biggest worry was finishing homework so you can go play outside before it got dark, I have always been intrigued and rather fascinated with food. My brother and I were extremely fortunate to have a mom whom was able to stay home and care for her family. Cooking in our home was an everyday event. My childhood memories of the way mom's cooking smelt-the way I remember thinking that this meal couldn't get any better-definitely played a huge part in my love and passion for food. To this day mom's meals and home always make me feel like a child again.

Now lets not forget dad! Dad had an equally as important impact on my spellbinding love of cooking and the ultimate satisfaction for cooking for others. Dad brought more creativity into his cooking. Endless hours of various cooking shows I suppose gave him the drive to want to try new dishes. I am still trying to wrap my head around how he had that much time to invest in cooking as a career long military man. He put his unique spin on these fresh inspirations and the results were, more often than not, delicious. There was the catfish incident...but lets not talk about the catfish!!

I've been fortunate enough to have amazing parents who taught me the value of a home cooked meal and the necessity of food experimentation. It is the togetherness and love that the food brings that we often times miss because we cannot fit it into our busy schedules. It is the unspoken sharing of love within the food along with the attention to detail, patience, and care that creates my passion for creating meals and memories for others.   

I have a beautiful, sweet, witty, sometimes too smart for her own good, baby girl. I am so fortunate to have passed on my love for cooking to my beautiful daughter. She knew how to crack eggs at one. She started helping me mince, stir, assemble, and combine ingredients at two. We have only continued progress from there.

I couldn't be in this once in a lifetime position without the love, support and help of my family. 


“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook -- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun!”

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